[Numpy-discussion] Re: [Annouce] Numeric Python 20.0.0b2

Pete Shinners pete at visionart.com
Mon Apr 23 21:13:37 EDT 2001

> Numpy has been restructured slightly to enable use of distutils to build:

wow, you really did turn things around. anyways, sounds great with the
option to build all those distributions automatically (guess i'm out of
a job there) :]
now i'm really keyed to getting something similar for my own project.
how are you building the .RPM, i didn't see a spec file anywhere? i was
under the impression distutils still needed a SPEC file to do a proper

anyways, i just threw a patch into the sourceforge patch manager.
the code compiles and runs great on python2.0 so i thought it would
be worthwhile to let the "setup.py" script also work with that version
of python. i also cleaned up a couple compiler warnings.
(and in the case of blas_lite.c, just turned them off with some pragma)

wow, version 20. Numeric must be the highest version numbered project
on sourceforge :]

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