[Numpy-discussion] Numpy and the Pentium 4

Roy.Dragseth at cc.uit.no Roy.Dragseth at cc.uit.no
Sun Apr 29 14:50:39 EDT 2001

Hi, this might not be what you asked for, but...

There is a benchmark report comparing 1.7GHz P4 and 1.3 GHz Athlon on 


Mostly gaming and windows stuff, but also a scientific benchmark
included (implementing the Hartree-Fock algorithm for those with
knowlegde in quantum physics).   The Athlon still has an egde even on
the scientific benchmark.

On the other hand, the stream benchmark numbers for the P4 is some of
the most impressive I've seen.


So if your application is like an old vector code you might be better
off with a P4, but the memory price is insane...



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