[Numpy-discussion] Documentation typos

Paul F. Dubois paul at pfdubois.com
Tue Apr 3 18:56:11 EDT 2001

Changes in my master copy, will appear next release. Thanks very much.

The last point was interesting as due to rich comparisons the buggy example
no longer had an exception, but it didn't work "right" either. I expanded
the example to explain.

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I was reading some sections of the latest NumPy tutorial (the one
currently listed as http://pfdubois.com/numpy/numdoc.pdf ) and spotted
these typos, listed below in case you want to fix them. Page numbers refer
to the actual page numbers printed on the page (not the PDF document's

- p.14: "A very useful features of arrays..." (should be "feature").

- p.15, top-of-page NumPy example: arrays are shown printed before the
  corresponding "print" command (see "print a" and "print b").

- p.17: in the "Advanced Users" section: the explanation of what these
  sections are for should perhaps be included in the previous page's
  "Advanced Users" section, since that one is the first such occurrence
  in the tutorial.

- p.19, near the end: Above "identity": "The first example BELOW
  while the second array ...": there is only one example "below", the
  buggy example. The first, correct example is probably the one given
  previously on the  same page.


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