[Numpy-discussion] Cephes Docs

Charles G Waldman cgw at alum.mit.edu
Tue Apr 17 22:26:55 EDT 2001

Scott Ransom writes:

 > I've had the following done for awhile and hadn't thought to release it
 > for general use.  It is the standard Cephesmodule 1.3 that Travis
 > Oliphant has had available for some time at http://pylab.sourceforge.net
 > with the addition of docstrings for all the functions.  I modified the
 > original documentation a bit and simply converted it to docstrings.

This message brought me a strange sense of deja vu.  A year ago I did
the same thing - I submitted a patch which allowed ufuncs to have
docstrings, for exactly this reason - the function names in Cephes
being a bit cryptic.  I also wrote a silly little script to generate
the Cephes docstrings from the HTML doc.

Please see:


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