[Numpy-discussion] Numeric on OS X - Anyone get it to work ?

Konrad Hinsen hinsen at cnrs-orleans.fr
Wed Apr 18 09:29:20 EDT 2001

> Could you give a quick explanation why?  I thought the whole point of
> the "extern" specifier was to flag that this variable was defined
> elsewhere.

Right, but with most platforms' shared library systems, this means
"in another source file that is part of the same shared library",
not "in another shared library" or "in the main executable".

> Otherwise, doesn't it imply that the API pointer is
> defined in each file that includes arrayobject.h?
> i.e. shouldn't headers declare "extern double x" for everything except
> the file that actually defines x?

If a dynamically loaded module consists of more than one source file,
then all but one of them (the one which calls import_array()) must
define NO_IMPORT_ARRAY before including arrayobject.h. This is also
the answer to Kevin Rodgers' question.

However, it seems to me that the current arrangement in NumPy has
another serious drawback: it should be impossible to link NumPy
statically with the Python interpreter, due to multiply defined
symbols. And I am rather sure that this was possible many versions
ago, since I used NumPy on a Cray T3E, which does not have shared

I checked my own extension modules that export a C API, and they all
declare the API pointer static. This is also what the C API export
section in the "Extending & Embedding" manual recommends. (OK, I admit
that I wrote that section, so that is not a coincidence!)

So perhaps the best solution is to make this static. Client modules
that consist of more than one source code file with PyArray... calls
must then call import_array() once in every such file, or equivalently
pass on the PyArray_API pointer explicitly between the files. That
sounds quite acceptable to me.

BTW, extension modules with more than one source file create a risk of
portability problems in any case, as the symbols shared between the
files must necessarily be global. On platforms such as MacOS, or with
static linking, this means they are global to the interpreter and all
extension modules, with a resulting risk of name clashes.

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