[Numpy-discussion] Numpy and the Pentium 4

Tim Churches tchur at optushome.com.au
Sun Apr 29 17:00:14 EDT 2001

Roy.Dragseth at cc.uit.no wrote:
> Hi, this might not be what you asked for, but...
> There is a benchmark report comparing 1.7GHz P4 and 1.3 GHz Athlon on
> http://www.tech-report.com/reviews/2001q2/pentium4-1.7/index.x?pg=1
> Mostly gaming and windows stuff, but also a scientific benchmark
> included (implementing the Hartree-Fock algorithm for those with
> knowlegde in quantum physics).   The Athlon still has an egde even on
> the scientific benchmark.
> On the other hand, the stream benchmark numbers for the P4 is some of
> the most impressive I've seen.
> http://www.cs.virginia.edu/stream/
> So if your application is like an old vector code you might be better
> off with a P4, but the memory price is insane...

Many thanks. I suspect that the stream benchmarks are quite relevant to
our code. Maybe there is no cause for Alpha-envy after all...

The costs of RDRAM for the P4 seems to have fallen dramatically in the
last few months. And Intel just cut the cost of the P4 itself.


Tim C

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