[Numpy-discussion] new to list

Rob europax at home.com
Fri Aug 3 18:11:12 EDT 2001


I'm new to the list so I thought I'd introduce myself.  I use Numpy at
work for some Python programs that interface with Agilent and/or Anritsu
microwave equipment, using the GPIB bus.

However, my main interest lately is porting some EM codes into Numeric
Python.  I've had varied success.  See my web site
www.members.home.net/europax.  Right now I'm trying to Numpy-ize this
FEM-MOM code.  I've profiled it using the Python profile class.  Using
MOM for a dipole takes 5 minutes of cpu :) :)  Interestingly, some of
the worst routines are simple ones that really have little to do with
matrix math.
Anyway, I'm having fun.  Its wonderful to be able to focus on algorithms
rather than wading through arcane programming syntax !!


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