[Numpy-discussion] fast constructor for arrays from byte data (unpickling?)

Chris Barker chrishbarker at home.net
Tue Aug 7 19:33:30 EDT 2001

Robert Kern wrote:

> Yeah, it took me some fiddling, too, before I got it to work. The Windows call
> to mmap has slightly different semantics in that second argument, but I think
> that if you want to snarf the whole file, then what I do below should work as
> well. The Windows API lets you use 0 to default to the whole file, but that's
> not portable.

[code snipped]

no, the "0 argument does not seem to work on Unix. It seems odd to not
have a way to just snarf the whole file automatically, but so be it

Thanks, that works, but now I am wondering: what I want is a fast and
memory efficient way to get the contents of a fjile into a NujmPy array,
this sure doesn't look any better than:

a = fromstring(file.read()))

thanks anyway,


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