[Numpy-discussion] manual update

Paul F. Dubois paul at pfdubois.com
Fri Aug 24 14:45:43 EDT 2001

I have updated the Numeric manual on the web site. I added some to the
MLab section to reflect the axis arguments that were added some time ago
but never reflected in the manual. The manual also documents a change to
the behavior of the attribute "masked" in package MA. The document
corresponds to CVS now rather than the last release. I hope to release
Numeric-20.2 sometime soon but want more exercise of the MA and MLab
changes first.
I changed MLab.mean to return a floating point result when the argument
is integer. I'm sorry if this breaks anything but the prior behavior has
no mathematical meaning and then, worse, was being used by std to get
the wrong standard deviation too. I changed std to work for axis > 0, as
it was previously broken.
I don't own Matlab and so maintaining a package that emulates something
I don't have makes me nervous. I wish one of the other developers with
more knowledge in this area would pitch in.
Thanks to Chris Barker and others who sent in typos and suggestions.
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