[Numpy-discussion] LinearAlgebra patch

Jeff Whitaker jsw at cdc.noaa.gov
Thu Aug 30 08:10:41 EDT 2001

Has anyone tried my patch to LinearAlgebra.py and lapack_litemodule.c?
I've found major speedups (by a factor of 3-5) in all operations involving
an svd or a eigenanalysis of a symmetric matrix. Paul's initial comment
was that since it was not self-contained (it required linking external
blas and lapack libs) he could not consider putting it in.  I have
rectified that now by including new versions of f2c_lite.c, blas_lite.c
and d(z)lapack_lite.c that support the newer, faster lapack routines.

I would appreciate any reports on how it works (or doesn't) on other
platforms - I've tried it in on MacOS X and Solaris.

Grab it from the 'Patches' section of the sourceforge project page.


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