[Numpy-discussion] Re: MLab.py status: do you use it?

Serge Rey serge at rohan.sdsu.edu
Tue Aug 28 20:18:34 EDT 2001

On Tue, Aug 28, 2001 at 12:09:50PM -0700, numpy-discussion-request at lists.sourceforge.net wrote:

> I certainly could write up a test routine. I will start work on that. In
> the meantime, before I put too much effort into it, I'd really like some
> feedback on what people want MLab.py to be, if they see using it at all.
> As I said above, I'm not sure trying to give NumPy a MATLAB feel is a
> useful goal, so what is left is having all those handy functions.
> Perhaps we could shift away from MLab.py, and turn it into Utilities.py,
> which could use MATLAB (and other user experience) as guidance as to
> what utilities to include.
> I'd really like folks' feedback on this before I put too much work into
> something no one uses, or will use.

i use MLab.py fairly often but see it more as a collection of useful
functions. personally, i agree with moving it into Utilities.py, as that
is in line with how i use it.

otoh, MLab.py does provide a nice entry point for folks coming from
Matlab into numpy. so, perhaps any eventual move to Utilities.py could
be accompanied with some documentation to remind users of those

i'd offer to help with the testing, but my copy of matlab is back in the
states (i'm in australia on sabbatical) so i'd have to go from memory
(dangerous). let me know if i can help you.


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