[Numpy-discussion] sparse matrices; SparsePy

Martin Szummer szummer at ai.mit.edu
Mon Dec 10 15:04:02 EST 2001

Hi all,

  What is the recommended way of doing sparse matrix manipulations in

I read about Travis Oliphant's SparsePy http://pylab.sourceforge.net/
but on that web page, the links are broken (the tarball file fails).
Also, this is version 0.1, and has not been updated in a long time.
Are there any others?

If anybody has a copy of the SparsePy source, could you make it
available to me?
(also it would be good if somebody could repair Travis Oliphant's page;
I tried to notify him, but don't think I had the correct email).

Has anybody tried compiling SparsePy under Windows?  It seems tricky,
given that it needs a Fortran compiler.  I was thinking of trying
Cygwin, but not sure if I can get it to link with the ActiveState python
compiled with Microsoft tools.


-- Martin 

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