[Numpy-discussion] pygsl source moved to sourceforge

Achim Gaedke Achim.Gaedke at uni-koeln.de
Fri Dec 14 02:27:02 EST 2001


I've checked in my source, so it is available at http://pygsl.sourceforge.net/ .

A mailinglist for discussion needs and support is created, please mail to:
mailto:pygsl-discuss at lists.sourceforge.net .

pygsl provides now:

module pygsl.sf: with 200 special functions
module pygsl.const: with 23 often used mathematical constants
module pygsl.ieee: access to the ieee-arithmetics layer of gsl
module pygsl.rng: provides several random number generators and different
probability densities

It can be used with gsl-0.* and with gsl-1.* (with a small change in setup.py).
Version 0.0.3 is tested for python-2.0. The cvs version can be used with
python-2.1 and python-2.2 .

Help is needed and code is accepted with thanks. Just visit our cvs repository
at sourceforge: http://sourceforge.net/cvs/?group_id=34743

Yours, Achim

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