[Numpy-discussion] converting IDL to python

Joe Reinhardt jmr at engineering.uiowa.edu
Wed Dec 19 20:13:02 EST 2001

Rick White writes:
> The hardest part (as you mention) is that IDL has a really large
> collection of built-in functions which probably will not be readily
> available in Python.  Until someone writes things like the morphological
> dilation and erosion operations, it won't be possible to translate IDL
> programs that use them.  

By the way, I do have binary erosion and dilation, along with
connected components analysis, flood fill region grow, and several
other common 2D/3D image processing functions working in NumPy.  

I would be glad to share them.    I don't know how similar the
interface is to IDL, since I have never used IDL.

- Joe Reinhardt

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