[Numpy-discussion] Numeric 21.0a1 in CVS

Paul F. Dubois paul at pfdubois.com
Thu Dec 27 11:21:03 EST 2001

Version 21.0a1 -- in CVS only
Please help me test the following. I have tested on Windows / Python

Implement true division operations for Python 2.2 (Bruce Sherwood, our

New functions in Numeric; they work on any sequence a that can be
converted to a
Numeric array.

        def rank (a):
            "Get the rank of a (the number of dimensions, not a matrix
        def shape (a):
            "Get the shape of a"
        def size (a, axis=None):
            "Get the number of elements in a, or along a certain axis."
        def average (a, axis=0, weights=None, returned = 0):
            """average(a, axis=0, weights=None)
               Computes average along indicated axis. 
               Inputs can be integer or floating types.
               Return type is floating but depends on spacesaver flags.
               If weights are given, result is
               weights if given must have a's shape or be the 1-d with
length the size
               of a in the given axis.
               If returned, return a tuple: the result and the sum of
the weights 
               or count of values.
               if axis is None, average over the entire array

               raises ZeroDivisionError if appropriate when result is

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