[Numpy-discussion] Meta: too many numerical libraries doing the same thing?

Phillip David phillip_david at xontech.com
Sat Dec 8 00:33:02 EST 2001

On Thursday 06 December 2001 06:39 pm, you wrote:
> We've (well Travis O. mostly) been working to divide SciPy into multiple
> "levels," and think this provides a solution for a wide range of users.
> There are 3 levels now, and there is likely to be a 4th "sumo" level added
> later.
> Level 1 is the core routines.  Level 2 includes most Numeric algorithms.
> Level 3 includes graphics and perhaps a few other things.  The sumo package
> would be a large all inclusive package with
> Python/Numeric/SciPy/VTK/wxPython(maybe)/PyCrust/MayaVi(maybe) and possibly
> others. 

I think this sounds GREAT!  I've been looking for such a package to provide 
my company with a migration path from IDL, and such a package just might do 
it.  If you're looking for other suggestions to add to sumo, I'd like to 
suggest ReportLab (or some sort of PDF generation tool) and as many 
scientific data formats (such as HDF, netCDF, and about a million others) as 
are sufficiently mature to be included.

I've signed up to do an HDF5 port, and have been given a really nice start by 
Robert Kern.  However, this one's not yet ready for inclusion.


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