[Numpy-discussion] cephes.arraymap & multipack

Jon Moody jbmoody at oakland.edu
Sat Feb 3 16:16:39 EST 2001

Two questions:

* Has anyone been using the arraymap function that's in Travis's
  cephes 1.2 module?  I think this is an interesting idea: giving
  arbitrary python functions ufunc-like (array broadcasting)
  properties when given numpy array arguments.  (I noticed the Pearu's
  multipack CVS module has only cephes 1.1 which seems to be missing

* Maybe I'm missing something, but is there any reason why multipack's
  functions are not implemented as ufuncs?  For example, it would be
  useful to be able to use multipack.leastsq() along an axis of a 3-d
  array, or to use multipack.quad() over a 2 or 3-d space of
  integration parameters.

Jon Moody

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