[Numpy-discussion] Numeric 2 : Arrays and Floating Point in C#

Ivan Frohne frohne at gci.net
Wed Feb 14 21:29:25 EST 2001

Microsoft's new  language C# (c-sharp) implements
the IEEE-754 floating point standard.  There are positive and
negative infinities and zeros, NaNs, and arithmetic operations
involving these values behave properly.  C# also has both
multidimensional rectangular and ragged arrays,
and combinations thereof.

Since a version of Python based on C# will soon be released,
(by ActiveState), any Numeric-2 development that doesn't take
these accomplishments seriously is in danger of becoming
obsolete before it gets documented.

The C# language specification is at the web site below (make
one line out of it).  See, in particular, sections 4.1.5 and 12.1.

--Ivan Frohne


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