[Numpy-discussion] configuration ideas

Christopher Lee clee at gnwy100.wuh.wustl.edu
Fri Feb 16 14:32:49 EST 2001

I am preparing a patch to Numeric 17.3.0 that allows for easier integration
of native BLAS/Lapack libraries with Numeric's dot() function and with the
LAPACK package.

What I would like to know is how/where should I specify build preferences.

The current situation is that I have added a config.py to the top
directory.  Inside this file, python variables like HAVE_CBLAS and/or
HAVE_FBLAS control linking and preprocessor flags. By default, the
distribution would build w/o the native libraries.  Necessary info like
library directories, includes and link flags would be listed as well and
available to distutils for Numeric and any of it's sub-packages.

How does this approach sound?


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