[Numpy-discussion] more general LAPACK support for NumPy

Berthold Höllmann hoel at germanlloyd.org
Tue Feb 6 10:47:15 EST 2001

"Paul F. Dubois" <paul at pfdubois.com> writes:

> Two notes in regard to this thread:
> 1. I am in progress making Pyfort support Digital Visual Fortran on
> Windows.


> 2. Pyfort does have a facility for automatic allocation of work
> space, at least in the case that the size can be computed using
> ordinary arithmetic from the sizes of other arguments or other
> integer arguments.

I know of that, but the optimal workspace size for LAPACK routines is
for optimal efficiency. The size can be returned by the routine or by
calling the FORTRAN function ILAENV. It would be great, if
workspacesize could be made depending on the result of functions.



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