[Numpy-discussion] undefined symbols when importing lapack

David M. Cooke cookedm at physics.mcmaster.ca
Wed Jun 6 14:57:04 EDT 2001

At some point, "David H. Marimont" <marimont at nxpdata.com> wrote:

> Thanks, David, that worked perfectly -- I can now import lapack_lite
> without any errors.
> Now I need to now how to call lapack functions aside from the ones 
> that come packaged with lapack_lite (dgeev, dgelss, dgelss, dgesv,
> dgesvd, dgetrf, dsyev, zgelss, zgesv,z gesvd, zgetff, and zheev).
> I found these via inspect.getmembers(lapack_lite).  Where do all
> the other lapack functions live?  And is there some way for me to
> determine that automatically?
> Thanks.

You want PyLapack. See a previous message at

|David M. Cooke
|cookedm at mcmaster.ca

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