[Numpy-discussion] math range error with Masked Array

Joe Van Andel vanandel at atd.ucar.edu
Fri Jun 8 15:58:58 EDT 2001

"Paul F. Dubois" wrote:
> Is the array single or double precision? Does it have the spacesaver
> attribute set?
The array is single precision, with the spacesave attribute set.

> Is it possible the data had bad values in it that were something other than
> the missing value? What was the missing value?

Yes, I finally found that the array had some contained some 'Nan'
variables, because of an error in my earlier calculation.  So, at this
point, MA works for me.

Thanks for your help.  

Joe VanAndel  	          
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Internet: vanandel at ucar.edu

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