[Numpy-discussion] Update to Numeric home page

John A. Turner turner at blueskystudios.com
Fri Mar 30 16:25:58 EST 2001

>>>>> "PFD" == Paul F Dubois <paul at pfdubois.com>:

PFD> The Numeric home page http://pfdubois.com/numeric has been updated to
PFD> include:
PFD> a. New HTML and PDF version of the documentation
PFD> b. New Happydoc-generated documentation for the modules, using the new
PFD> Happydoc.
PFD> c. Description of and link to Scientific Python.
PFD> d. Navigation buttons and a hit counter.
PFD> numpy.sourceforge.net still exists and links to this page.
PFD> The "Homepage" button on the project page goes directly to it. I moved the
PFD> contents to a web site I control so that I can work on it more easily --
PFD> sourceforge sites are hard to work on due to security.
PFD> This site is hosted by Yahoo and seems to perform well. Like any site, it
PFD> can be down, but I think it is down less than SF.

and now http://www.numpy.org/ points there as well (or it will shortly)

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