[Numpy-discussion] 20.1.0a3 -- for those who like pickles

Paul F. Dubois paul at pfdubois.com
Thu May 10 15:20:52 EDT 2001

I put a source tarball up for 20.1.0a3, also in CVS as of now. This

DL_EXPORT changes

Konrad's fix to import_array

A new MA that pickles

A new package "Properties", that replaces MA.activeattr. Properties allows
you to have properties such as MA/Numeric's shape attribute, that look like
attributes but actually invoke functions on get, set, and/or delete. It can
also be used to make attributes unwriteable or undeleteable. It doesn't have
anything to do with Numeric but I use it in MA and kinds and don't have much
else of an idea where to put it.

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