[Numpy-discussion] Climate Data Analysis Tools Version 3.0.0

Paul F. Dubois paul at pfdubois.com
Mon May 21 16:54:23 EDT 2001

The Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison is pleased to
announce the release of Version 3.0.0 of Climate Data Analysis Tools, an
open-source set of Python modules and tools for accessing, manipulating, and
plotting scientific data in general and climate data sets in particular. The
tools make extensive use of Numerical Python and its optional Masked Arrays
(MA) package and are designed to interoperate with them.

The CDAT website is http://cdat.sf.net, and the SourceForge project page is

Version 3.0.0 is available for Linux and Solaris. Binary distributions are
available for RedHat 6.2, RedHat 7.1, SuSe 7.1, and Solaris 5.6. The user
must have NetCDF and Tcl/Tk installed before using CDAT.

-- Paul Dubois
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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