[Numpy-discussion] The future of Numpy

Mark Esplin markespl at yahoo.com
Fri May 25 12:09:08 EDT 2001

	What is the plan for the future development of Numerical Python?  For 
example, will additional special functions be included in numpy, or is 
NumPy to be a building block for other applications?  I guess the big 
question is  "Will Numerical Python become a complete computing 
environment like Matlab or IDL?" 

	There is an interesting series of article on Numerical Python by Eric 
Hagemann on O'Reilly network (www.oreillynet.com) where Eric Hagemann 
is using NumPy with other python modules as a computing environment 
more than as a software development framework.

	I think NumPy could become a lot like the development of linux.  Linux 
strictly speaking is only the operating system kernel.  However, a 
linux system has come to includes a whole set of packages that work 
together to make up a whole system.

                                -Mark Esplin 

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