[Numpy-discussion] fromfunction documentation

Kevin Turner acapnotic at users.sourceforge.net
Mon May 28 00:28:08 EDT 2001

Quoting from numdoc.pdf, dated March 31, 2001, in section 
"Creating an array from a function: fromfunction()"

> The implementation of fromfunction consists of:
> def fromfunction(function, dimensions):
>     return apply(function, tuple(indices(dimensions)))
> which means that the function function is called for each element in
> the sequence indices(dimensions) [...]

This is wholly incorrect.  apply() does not call a function for each
element in the sequence, apply calls a function exactly *once*, using
the elements of the sequence for arguments.

Also, that same section of the documentation refers to "the first
example below [...] works" and "the second array [...] fails", but there
is only one example, which apparently is the failing one (as it's named
"buggy").  Having a *working* example would be nice.  =)

Perhaps this is a formatting glitch in the documentation processor, but
I couldn't find the documentation's source format.

and then...  there's always the possibility that I'm barking up the
wrong tree.  What I'm trying to achieve is this:  I've got a function
which, given a vector describing a point in n-dimensional space, returns
a value for that point.  I want a matrix of the shape I specify, filled
these values, with the array indicies as coordinates for the points.

Is that too much to ask?  ;)


 - Kevin Turner

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