[Numpy-discussion] Numpy bug?

Karl Bellve Karl.Bellve at umassmed.edu
Fri May 11 12:12:18 EDT 2001

How can we correct this error?

Otherwise, Numpy can only be initialized once per application/thread?

Here is what I do, a user loads an image into my application, then runs
a Python script. I do a Py_Initialize(), initialize Numpy, initialize my
module, run the script and finally Py_Finalize(). Each image can do
this. My module only knows about its own image and can run a python
script multiple times. 

So, if I have to make it more global, I would have to run
Py_Intialize/Py_Finalize once per application. Redesign my module so
that a user must pick the specific image to work on. Redesign the
scripts so that a user must transverse all the images to the correct
image. Hey, I would rather fix numpy so it can be initialized multiple
times. Do you remember why the person wanted to do that? Or, if you let
me know where you did that, I can fix it in my local source instead.

"Paul F. Dubois" wrote:
> The import_array is not proper, but I have no idea if that is the problem or
> not.
> import array only goes in the initialization routine of modules that need
> the Numpy C-API.
> Somebody convinced me to decref something in one of the numpy C module
> initializers a while back, so maybe that was an error. (?)
> I just do what they tell me...
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> Since I didn't get a response, I will post again with a more appropiate
> subject heading. If you run the following code, you get an error. It
> appears that Numpy doesn't like to be restarted. If you take out the
> lines "import_array();" and "PyRun_SimpleString("from Numeric import
> *\n");" the code loops fine.
> for (int x = 0; x < 100; x++)
> {
>    Py_Initialize();
>    import_array();
>    PyRun_SimpleString("from Numeric import *\n");
>    TRACE("%d\n",x);
>    Py_Finalize();
> }
> Here is the output:
> 0
> 1
> Fatal Python error: UNREF invalid object
> --
> Cheers,
> Karl Bellve


Karl Bellve

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