[Numpy-discussion] transpose and putmask questions.

Chris Barker chrishbarker at home.net
Fri May 18 13:09:36 EDT 2001

"Paul F. Dubois" wrote:

>> 1) why does the array passed as the first argument to putmask have to be
>> contiguous? this can be a substantial limitation, I end up making copies
>> when I have no other reason to.
> -----> because nobody has implemented the general case; feel free to
> volunteer.

Fair enough. I have yet to open up the NumPy code myself, but I have
written some custom extensions with it, and have a number of small
improvements in mind that I would like to make. Hopefully I will get to
this some day.

> b) No one has gotten around to making the code smart enough to do this
> when it is unambigous.?
> ------> Numpy's attitude toward extra dimensions of length 1 is somewhat
> schizophrenic.
>         If you know you want one-d you can put a ravel() around it.
>         In general the answer to your question is (b) but it is very
> complicated so that is why people don't work on it.

I suspected as much. I'm starting to get used to it. I think my problem
is that I come from MATLAB, where everything is a 2-d array.

Thanks for your comments.


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