[Numpy-discussion] cephes_libs

Mark Esplin markespl at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 9 06:29:13 EDT 2001

	When I installed the cephes libs, I had to comment out three lines in the 
file cephes/protos.h (by putting "//" at the front of each line) to get it to 
compile.  They are line numbers 67-69

//extern int signbit ( double x );
//extern int isnan ( double x );
//extern int isfinite ( double x );

It has seemed to run O.K, I assume those varibles are defined somewhere else.
I am running on SuSE Linux 7.1, Python 2.0, Numeric-19.0.0

On Monday 08 October 2001 04:31 pm, Karshi Hasanov wrote:
> Hi all,
>   I've tried to install cephes libs from Travis Oliphan's website, but
> wasn't able to do it. Is there anybody  knows how to install these libs.
> I don't know C much,  so didn't understand the instruction for
> installation. Thanks

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