[Numpy-discussion] slightly OT: Animabob lives with Cygwin!

Rob europax at home.com
Wed Oct 10 06:58:13 EDT 2001

I'm proud to have made my first GNU-tools port and my first Cygwin port
Animabob-Cygwin-1.0.  Its the visualization package that mates to all of
my Numpy FDTD code.  Get it on my website.  Interestly on my laptop with
Win2K it runs almost as fast as the native FreeBSD code.  Yet on my
machine at work its very slow- I think it has to do with color depth and
screen resolutions.  I'll find out today.

I pretty much gave up on all the other visualization packages for
Windows as they were either giant elephants or couldn't render 3d movies
of array dumps.  OpenDX would have been nice but it dumps core on every
platform I've tried it on.  I'm told this is fixed in CVS.

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