[Numpy-discussion] Warning: be carefull with the use of Fortran Lapack/Blas libraries

Gerard Vermeulen gvermeul at labs.polycnrs-gre.fr
Wed Oct 10 07:01:11 EDT 2001

On Tuesday 09 October 2001 23:14, Jeff Whitaker wrote:
> I have been able to reproduce this error either with the lapack_lite
> included with numeric, or with the lapack3.0 libs on my system.
> Gerard:  are you sure the libs you are linking on your system are not
> lapack 2.0?  If not, could you send me some code that triggers the error?
> -Jeff
After discussion with Jeff, I installed the latest lapack-3.0 (bugfix 2)
and the problem went away. (I suppose I had lapack-3.0-bugfix 1 installed).


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