[Numpy-discussion] slice question and bug

clee at spiralis.merseine.nu clee at spiralis.merseine.nu
Mon Apr 1 10:59:02 EST 2002

clee at spiralis.merseine.nu writes:
 > Hello,
 > I'm trying to track down a segv when I do the B[:] operation on an
 > array, "B", a that I've built in as a view on external data.  During...
 > [snip]

To clarify my own somewhat non-sensical post: When I started composing
my message, I was trying to figure out a bug in my own code that
caused a crash while doing slice_array.  I've since fixed that bug.
However, in the process of figuring out what I was doing wrong I
was browsing the Numeric source code.  While examining
PyArray_Free(..) in arrayobject.c, I saw that returns -1 whenever the
number of dimensions is greater than 2, yet it has code that tests for
when the number of dimensions equals 3.

So utimately, my post is just an alert, that I think there might be
some code that needs to be cleaned up. 

 lacking-caffeine-ly yours

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