[Numpy-discussion] Extension under windows

mekkaoui omar.mekkaoui at eco.u-cergy.fr
Tue Apr 16 11:04:38 EDT 2002

Dear Numerical Python Users,

I have writen an extension using  GSL (Gnu Scientific Library) and
Numerical Python.
This extension work fine under Linux and I would to do the same under
Windows. For that I use Cygwin.
When I would create the module

$ gcc -shared Example.o -o Example.pyd

I receive this message :

Example.o<.text+0x58>:Example.c: undefined reference to
Example.o<.text+0x15e>:Example.c: undefined reference to 'Py_BuildValue'

Example.o<.text+0x1b1>:Example.c: undefined reference to
Example.o<.text+0x1c1>:Example.c: undefined reference to
Example.o<.text+0x1db>:Example.c: undefined reference to
Example.o<.text+0x1f4>:Example.c: undefined reference to
Example.o<.text+0x206>:Example.c: undefined reference to
Example.o<.text+0x214>:Example.c: undefined reference to

Perhaps this command is wrong.

Perhaps, anyone could explain or show me a document which explain the
procedure clearly ?

Thanks in advance for your help


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