[Numpy-discussion] The right way to use results of argmax and argmin

Victor S. Miller victor at idaccr.org
Wed Apr 17 15:25:24 EDT 2002

# I'm running python 2.0 on Solaris and Numeric 21.0
#I have an m by n array -- called a and have
# j an n long list of integers in range(m), such as

j = argmax(a,0)

# If I set
z = zip(j,range(len(j)))

# and try the statement

res = take(a,z)

# python appears to hang, but if I do

res = array(map(lambda x,a=a: a[x[0],x[1]]],z)

# It works.

# Is there a simpler way of doing what I want, and why does take hang?
# is it, perhaps, allocating some n by n work array (this would
# probably make things thrash like crazy)?

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