[Numpy-discussion] Graphs in numarray?

Perry Greenfield perry at stsci.edu
Thu Apr 18 10:36:19 EDT 2002

Behalf Of rob
> I'm sorry I missed the original post, but the topic is important for
> me.  I use the lightweight 3d volume renderer Animabob for most
> everything.  The interface code is in all of the FDTD programs in my
> website.  You just unwind a 3d array and scale it to +/- 128, turn it
> into chararacters, and you have the input file.  I wish Animabob could
> somehow be turned into a Python package, as in Windows you need Cygwin
> to run it.  I've tried other 3d packages like OpenDX, and they seem to
> be huge albatrosses.
It sound like you are trying to do something different than Magnus, but
if what you are looking to scale floating or int data to byte size and
apply some character mapping, numarray (or Numeric) should be able
to do that very well. If that is all you want done, you might find
either to be overkill though (if you already wrote a C extension to
do so).



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