[Numpy-discussion] Multiple Linear Regression?

Tim Churches tchur at optushome.com.au
Mon Apr 29 13:46:39 EDT 2002

Jasper Phillips wrote:
> I'm helping my wife with programming for her economics thesis, which needs
> to calculate a "Multiple Linear Regression" on her data.
> Does anyone know of any (preferably though not necesarrily free) software
> that can do this? I'm working in Python, but not limited to it as I
> can relatively freely access other languages.


Use R (a free implementation of S). See http://www.r-project.org

If you are managing your data in Python and NumPy, you can "embed" R in
and transparently send data to it using Walter Moreira's wonderful RPy
module - 
see http://rpy.sf.net

Tim C

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