[Numpy-discussion] numarray: RandomArray2

Jochen Küpper jochen at unc.edu
Thu Aug 22 16:29:02 EDT 2002

On Mon, 19 Aug 2002 09:27:35 -0400 Todd Miller wrote:

Todd> Jochen Küpper wrote:

>> Also note the "strange" docstring of range:
>> ,----
>> | range(...)
>> |     range([start,] stop[, step]) -> list of integers
>> `----
>> pointing straight toward its behavior.

Ok, reworked the docstrings of module RandomArray2 a bit in order to
(hopefully) clarify these issues. I have attached a diff, if it is ok
I'll check it in.

>> So well, maybe someone with insight into RNG's can comment on the,
>> mirroring issue?


Todd> It appears to me that the parameter order of randint again
Todd> emulates "range". The fact that random_integers is not
Todd> consistent with randint seem OK to me because random_integers
Todd> appears to have been written expressly to tailor the calling
Todd> sequence of randint.

Put a comment about that in the docstring of random_integers.

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