[Numpy-discussion] Scientific data - Reading files

Chris Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Mon Aug 12 12:16:08 EDT 2002

Nils Wagner wrote:
> Each file  (E1431A*.DAT) contains
> one column with real numbers. The contents of the i-th file should be
> stored in the i-th row of a data matrix A.

Are the files binary or ASCI ?

if ASCI, look in Scipy, there are a couple of modules for this kind of
thing, I doubt any of them are set up for multiple files, so you'll have
to loop through the file list.

If binary, you can do something like:

while row < NumRows:
	file = open(filename,'rb')
	A[row,:] = fromstring(file.read(),Float) # make sure you get the
typecode right!
	row += 1

WARNING: not the least bit tested.


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