[Numpy-discussion] Possible NetCDF bug...

Chris Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Mon Dec 30 16:15:02 EST 2002

Hi all,

Does anyone here use Konrad Hinsen's NetCDF module? I'm having a problem
with it.

I opened an existing NetCDF file and examine one of it's variables:

file = NetCDF.NetCDFFile("test.cdf")

>>> file.variables['water_u'].typecode()

The variable appears to contain float data (which I think it does).
However, when I try to get a slice of that data:

array([3199453293L, 3198428385L], 'u')

Numeric appears to think it's an unsigned 32 bit integer variable. I get
the same result if I use file.getValue() as well.

Could this be a Numeric version mismatch? I couldn't find a recommended
version of Numeric on the Scientific site.

RedHat Linux 7.2
Numeric 22.0

I've enclosed my test.cdf file, if you want to test it yourself.

Anyone have any ideas?


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