[Numpy-discussion] RPMs out of date, have problems

gvermeul at labs.polycnrs-gre.fr gvermeul at labs.polycnrs-gre.fr
Sat Jan 5 15:33:09 EST 2002

> gvermeul at labs.polycnrs-gre.fr writes:
> > Caveats:
> > (1) renaming Numeric to python-numeric has as consequence that
> > the header files go into .../include/python2.1/python-numeric
> > instead of .../include/python2.1/Numeric. Personally I don't
> > like it (being author of a package that builds on Numeric).
> Me neither. But the fix is simple: take the distutils-generated spec
> file, edit the package name, and put it into the tar ball. The added
> advantage is that the binary RPM can be generated by rpm --rebuild
> numpy_xxx.tar.gz.
You mean rpm -ta numpy_xxx.tar.gz

Disadvantage: by default, the package will go into a distro dependent place
(Mandrake, Red Hat and Suse are all different) and the package builder
has to have write access to that place (Suse-7.3 grants it, Mandrake not,
Red Hat don't know). This invites to building packages as root (DON'T).
Building packages as a normal user protects you from erratic
writes in /usr, /, ...

Remember, we want to satisfy the needs of astronomer newbies. Users like
you will allways find a solution.

python setup.py bdist_rpm needs only write access to the user's home

Of course, adding a generic spec file is the easy 2 minutes solution,
but I have choosen not to do that because it will invite bad policy
(providing binary RPMs is asking for trouble).

IMHO, the current setup.py/setup_all.py are not permitting distutils's
way of 'RPM building'. It is better to fix that.

I will try to see renaming the package from Numeric to python-numeric
allows to install the headers in ../python2.1/Numeric instead of
./python2.1/python-numeric by changing my setup.py file.


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