[Numpy-discussion] Sparse matricies

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Tue Jan 8 08:01:12 EST 2002

> Is there anything current for Python which handles sparse matrix codes?
> If someone is looking for a C implementation of sparse matrix handlers, I
> would refer to the sparse matrix package developed at Berekeley which
> is part of the Spice 3f4 circuit simulator (released under a modified
> old-style BSD license).  I can provide pointers if they are desired.

I've done about three Sparse matrix packages built on SPARSEKIT, UMFPACK,
and some of my own rolled stuff.

SciPy has a subpackage for Sparse matrices, but it is not ready yet.

I'd be interested in the package you are talking about.

-Travis Oliphant

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