[Numpy-discussion] Sparse matricies

Andrew P. Lentvorski bsder at allcaps.org
Tue Jan 8 18:45:02 EST 2002

On Tue, 8 Jan 2002, Travis Oliphant wrote:

> SciPy has a subpackage for Sparse matrices, but it is not ready yet.

Well, I'm in the process of setting up the simulator now.  I don't need
the sparse matrix package immediately, but if there isn't anything useful
in a week or so, I'll have to figure out a workaround.  I'd *really*
rather not.  Even something which isn't quite ready would be better than
what I would write (and then have to throw away).

> I'd be interested in the package you are talking about.


The packge is SPICE, which is an electronic circuit simulator.  Spice3f4
in particular.  Download the Spice3f4 kit.

Unpack it.  The entire package is in src/lib/sparse.

Andy L.

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