[Numpy-discussion] Please help me test a new setup.py

Gerard Vermeulen gvermeul at polycnrs-gre.fr
Fri Jan 18 00:57:08 EST 2002

If I do

setup.py bdist_rpm

then 'Numeric.pth' does not end up in the binary RPM with Python-2.1.1

The reason is that rpm does something like

setup.py install --root=~/tmp --record=record.txt

and apparently the distutils part that handles --record is broken as
shown by 'grep pth record.txt'.

Paul, do you want me to 'fix' distutils (meaning overriding the
install command, so that record.txt contains all files)? Or are you
willing to use the pth_install_data class that does not work on Windows?


On Thursday 17 January 2002 23:05, Paul F. Dubois wrote:
> Working from something given to me by Gerard Vermeulen I have tried to
> improve Numeric's setup.py. This is now in CVS. I could use help testing
> it, particularly by the those whose brains are RPM-enabled. Those Numpy
> developers who have not done a damn thing lately are granted this chance
> for redemption. (:->
> There is no more setup_all.py; rather, setup.py builds everything. It
> has, however, a structure that enables easy commenting-out of any
> optional packages.
> I have made and tested the Windows packages and installer; and made and
> tested Linux packages and have made but not tested the Linux RPM. (sh
> makedist.sh).
> If trying this on a Python will Numeric already installed, remove first
> from site-packages:
> Numeric.pth, Numeric, FFT, RNG, MA, kinds, PropertiedClasses
> Under the new scheme, Numeric.pth points to Numeric and the directories
> for the others are INSIDE Numeric. Everything should be backward
> compatible. I like this; it reduces the visible pollution in
> site-packages.
> The RPM produced does not contain the documentation (that runs into a
> distutils bug in older Pythons). It does not have a name beginning with
> python- because that screwed up something else. In short, it is a
> compromise. Once we're all convinced that what I have works then we can
> worry about the finer stuff.
> A nice side benefit is that there is now only one Windows .exe
> installer, and only one thing to uninstall in add/remove programs.
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