[Numpy-discussion] RandomArray and numarray

Perry Greenfield perry at stsci.edu
Tue Jan 29 14:54:04 EST 2002

> Is there some support for random arrays in numarray? Or, if it becomes
> part of the standard library, will there be a separate module (such as
> Numeric's RandomArray)?
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> Magnus Lie Hetland                                  The Anygui Project
> http://hetland.org                                  http://anygui.org

Not at the moment, but I imagine we will add a separate module as it
is done now for Numeric.

While I'm replying, our short range development plans are (now
that we are back working on it):

1) adding properties for .shape, .flat, etc. This was done
last week but we are testing this and will put it out as soon
as possible (probably after the Python Conference). By the way,
to make it usable from Python <2.2, we will add accessor functions
with different names than we used previously (e.g., .getshape(),
setshape(), .getflat()...)

2) reworking numarray to make it safe against array overruns
and anything that might cause segfaults or buserrors (in principle
should only happen now if you twiddle directly with private attributes).

3) provide examples of how to add new ufuncs and interface C code and
such. We may decide to add a module or two in the process. And perhaps
some limited benchmarking.

4) rework the implementation of complex types to be in C.

5) do more extensive benchmarking and look at how to optimize smaller

Perry Greenfield

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