[Numpy-discussion] Numarray: minor feature requests (setup.py and version info)

Eric Maryniak e.maryniak at pobox.com
Mon Jul 1 01:48:01 EDT 2002

On Sunday 30 June 2002 15:31, Todd Miller wrote:
> Perry Greenfield wrote:
> >...
> >>2. Because I'm running two versions of Python (because Zope
> >>   and a lot of Zope/C products depend on a particular version)
> >>   the 'development' Python is installed in /usr/local/bin
> >>   (whereas SuSE's python is in /usr/bin).
> >>   It probably wouldn't do any harm if the manual would include
> >>   a hint at the '--prefix' option and mention an alternative
> >>   Python installation like:
> >>
> >>       /usr/local/bin/python ./setup.py install --prefix=/usr/local
> >
> >Good idea.
> I'm actually surprised that this is necessary.  I was under the
> impression that the distutils pick reasonable defaults simply based on
> the python that is running.  In your case,  I would expect numarray to
> install to /usr/local/lib/pythonX.Y/site-packages without specifying any
> prefix.  What happens on SuSE?

Yes, you're probably right.
On SuSE I tested it out on my own machine ('test server'), because I did
not want to do it on the production server. It run's Python 2.2.1 exclusively.
I remembered that I had to this in a previous Numeric installation, where
1.5.2 and 2.1 were running side-by-side (and at that time I also had to
install distutils manually).
So, yes, it may not be an issue (anymore) for at least recent Python's
if you call the Python explicitly like '/usr/local/bin/python ./setup.py'
and '/usr/bin/python ./setup' (on SuSE python goes to /usr/bin).

> >>...


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