[Numpy-discussion] words that must not be spoken

Paul F Dubois paul at pfdubois.com
Mon Jul 1 16:50:57 EDT 2002

> [mailto:numpy-discussion-admin at lists.sourceforge.net] On 
> Behalf Of Eric Maryniak
In the midst of a discussion Eric wrote:
> > ...
> shouldn't Convolve, for 
> orthogonality, be named
>     Convolve2? (cuz who knows, numarray's Convolve may be backported
>     to Numeric in the future, for comparative testing etc.).

Use of the phrase "backported to Numeric" will result in your
subscription to numpy-discussion being cancelled. (:->

No backporting is ever going to happen. This is a short one-way street
or there is no purpose to travel on it. 

I am just back from Europython and had a chance to talk to a lot of
users and have some thoughts which I will share with all of you shortly.
However, since I just had to fill out a form and where it said "Date" I
looked at my watch and wrote the time 11/16, I conclude that I have jet
lag and can't trust myself to be lucid yet.

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