[Numpy-discussion] [ANNOUNCE] Pyfort 8.0

Paul F Dubois paul at pfdubois.com
Thu Jul 18 14:47:02 EDT 2002

Pyfort 8.0 has been released at SourceForge (sf.net/projects/pyfortran)

Version 8
     This version contains a new facility for making and installing
     Old compile lines will still work, but will produce an equivalent
     file that you could use in the future. Included is a Tkinter-based
     editor for the project files. However, the format of the files is
     and they could be edited with a text editor as well.

     There is improved support for installing Pyfort and the modules it 
     creates in a location other than inside Python. See README.

     This version does change the installation location for an
     Therefore, you should remove the files of any previous installation

     from your Python. Yes, this is annoying. That is why we are doing
     so that we can have an "uninstall" command.

     A new "windows" subdirectory has been added, containing an example
of how to
     use Pyfort on Windows with Visual Fortran. Thanks to Reinhold
Niesner. Testing
     of, and advice about, this are needed from Windows users. The
pyfort script itself
     is also now installed as a .bat script for win32.
     Support for Mac OSX (Darwin) added.

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