FW: [Numpy-discussion] NumPy on Mac OS 10.1.5

Greg Welch welch at cs.unc.edu
Fri Jul 19 05:52:01 EDT 2002

Thomas, I have (recently) built Numeric 21.3 on multiple OS X 10.1.5
platforms, and have had no problems that I know of. I am using Python 2.3a0
but had also built Numeric w/ earlier versions of Python too. All platforms
have the April 2002 developer tools update.

I just noticed that your compile line shows the use of cc, as opposed to
gcc. Here is the corresponding compile line for 21.3 on my powerbook (Python

gcc -bundle -bundle_loader /usr/local/bin/python build/temp.darwin-5.5-Power
Macintosh-2.3/_numpymodule.o build/temp.darwin-5.5-Power
build/temp.darwin-5.5-PowerMacintosh-2.3/ufuncobject.o -o
build/lib.darwin-5.5-Power Macintosh-2.3/_numpy.so


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