[Numpy-discussion] Sparse matrices

Victor S. Miller victor at idaccr.org
Tue Jul 30 08:29:06 EDT 2002

Sorry, I had a typo in the program.  It should be:

# M is n by k, and represents a sparse n by n matrix A
# the non-zero entries of row i of A start in column loc[i]
# and are the i-th row of M in locations loc[i]:loc[i]+k
# loc is the location vector
n,k = M.shape
mm = reshape(v,(-1,1))*M
w = zeros((n+m),v.typecode())
# is there a trick to replace the loop below?
for i in range(mm.shape[0]):
    w[loc[i]:loc[i]+k] += mm[i]
w = w[:n]

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